Progress at Last

Two weeks ago saw a momentous event on the boat. After about a nine month wait our new windows finally went in. A big thankyou to our team of expert window fitters, Joelle, Nico, Fred and Ewen, your help was much appreciated.

We brought the boat down from Pittwater, where she is usually moored, in January this year. At the moment she is a very convenient a 5 minute drive from home.. all the better to do more work. Initially our ambitious schedule for the renovations had us expecting to finish the work in around 4 months. A drastic under estimation, as we’re now almost in November with a long way to go.

But, some progress has been made and so far we have:

Painted the roof
Painted the cockpit
Removed all the instruments from cockpit (awaiting re-installation)
Removed the traveller from its previous position in the centred of the cockpit, up to above the roof (with professional help)… an excellent move as its given us so much more space
Stripped back and repainted the heads (toilet being installed today!)
Refitted the cupboards in heads
Started on replacing the ceilling throughout.

So, still a fair way to go, but at least we’re now seeing results.

Here;s the original state of the heads (boat bathroom)

And mid way through the trauma.. who’d have through such small space could possibly take so long to scrape and sand

any day now we’ll post the finished master piece!

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