Last weekend we completed our Sea Survival course. This is an excellent course developed by Yachting Australia. There’s plenty on offer around Sydney, and we went with Gerry Fitzgerald, who we can highly recommend. He was involved in developing the original course and brings a wealth of personal experience and stories to the training and is a great teacher. Most of the other course participants were preparing for the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race on 26th December, so we got to hear some first hand racing survival stories.

Topics covered include personal safety equipment, man overboard procedures, flares (we actually got to set one off.. very hot!), how to use emergency communication equipment (EPIRBS etc) and a pool session where we inflate and board the life raft, and learn survival technique such as the group huddle etc.

Now, fingers crossed we’ll never have to call upon this knowledge.. but if anything ever happens we should be somewhat mentally prepared. For the physical preparation, we need to decide on which liferaft to go with. This is one of the more expensive purchases, especially as its something we hope never to use, but if it comes to it, we’ll want the best we can afford. A good review article appeared in Australian Yachting magazine last year.

I’ve found it fa

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