a very painty christmas

Well we’ve had a very painty christmas, and finally, its just about finished, just one more tiny place to squash into and we’re done. Its been a hard slog especially for the inflexible among us, personally I’ll be thrilled to never enter the quarter berth again. (for the unboaty, thats a little teeny tiny cabin that doesn’t fit real people)

The boat seems to quadruaple in size as soon as we pick up a paintbrush, but then seems to shrink whenever we show off our hardwork! But all the discomfort has been worth it, and suddenly its starting to look like somewhere we would want to live. Prize for best achievement of the festive period goes to Fred for the lovely new floors… with Katherine’s champagne drinking abilities coming in a close second.

A less nautical endeavour was the Hobart Marathon last weekend. Finally Fred can ban all talk of running! Managed to forget all race strategy and ran the first half on total high, waving at everyone and giving big shout outs to the leaders, but inevitably crashed and burned at around the 30K mark the last lap was a killer. Still, delighted to have finished and right now really enjoying the freedom from the gruelling training schedule. All the more time for trip preparation now! think I might run Canberra marathon just before we head off though

That Damn hill!!

Almost there.


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3 Responses to a very painty christmas

  1. Michael says:

    Well done, guys!! But where are the Champagne-drinking pictures? I can only see Fred labouring away!
    Btw, how did the VW towbar fitting to the Merc go? Any success? And many thanks again for the great party!!!

  2. Debs says:

    Hmmmm Fred definitely seems to be doing all the work here!!


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