On Board

Finally! We are no longer land lubbers, but now inhabit the in between land of marina live aboards. The furniture was packed off to storage and we haven been slowly moving onto Mary Blair over the past month. A little chaotic at first, as there where still holes in the floor, sails everywhere and no where to put anything, even with the vastly reduced wardrobe. A few frazzled mornings attempting to get ready for work, and wondering how to get there. But we’re now happily unemployed, and have had a couple of trips to Ikea for storage solutions and have sorted ourselves out a lot more. So, we’re quite houseproud, although there’s still a lot of work to do and the boat frequently reverts back to a workshop status. The recent torrential rain in Sydney has been quite helpful! We’re finding all sorts of leaks which might have otherwise hidden themselves until the open seas.

Work has progressed very well over the past few months. The new Bimini (sunshade) has been a surprisingly elegant addition and gives a sense of space to the cockpit. Its a stainless steel frame with the canvas cover on one level and the solar panels attached above. New gel batteries went in yesterday and should get most of their charge just from the panels. Fred is right now working his way through the spaghetti factory of wiring to connect everything together.

Here’s the grand plan of how its all to fit together, there’s been one addition since, which is a GPS repeater to display in the cockpit.

Mary Blair Navigation Connections

The new (as yet unnamed) dinghy was released from captivity and makes a speedy change from poor old Tony, the predecessor.

The 15hp engines lets us plane beautifully, although not with 5 adults on board, as was discovered with Katherine’s parents and aunt… and quick run around Middle Harbour turned into a slow water filled journey back after the bow dipped into the water, but its been declared more fun than the Sydney jet boat.

Its been easier than expected to make the adjustment from working and apartment life, to unemployment and boat dwelling. The marina is a lovely place to be and there’s a friendly community of cruisers here to make us welcome. When its not raining, dinner is a sociable gathering, with everyone cooking on the bbq and sharing the big tables by the marina office. Nothing more adventurous than pasta has been cooked on board yet, but once we get organised we’ll be eating pretty much the same diet as before. Days are busy, up early in an attempt to tackle the list of remaining jobs.. a lot more productive than a day in the office, just not getting paid for it. Its getting a bit chilly here in sydney, so definately time to get a move on.

8 days to go.

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2 Responses to On Board

  1. Michael says:

    Very impressive diagram!!

  2. CNC says:

    Hey, thinking about you right now …. 7.30om on 23-APR-2011. Sailing….sailing away……Have a great journey of a lifetime KC !

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