Scrabble and Scrambles

Its surprising how many place there are to hide an Easter egg on a small boat,we’re still discovering them, despite a concerted effort to eat all in sight.   6 days into the cruising life and we’ve definitely relaxed, especially as the sun has deigned to shine only once.  The boat is now wonderfully organised, books shelved, food stored,medical kit sorted.. almost.  The fridge is stocked well for the journey ahead so its mandatory to eat all the fresh food before it goes off, so we’re quite stuffed.

Our new weather station gives the bad news.. as many rain clouds as it can fit on the screen

So we spend a lot of time doing this

Still we managed one scramble to the top of the water fall at Refuge Bay

And motored around to spend the  night spent at Castle Cove, a beautifully sheltered little bay with just a couple of moorings and impressive hawks circling above.. we’ve been told they’ll dive for bacon if you throw it up in the air… alas we quite like bacon and won’t be to the shops for a while… next time my feathered friends, next time.

The great hairwash experiment ended on day 4… looking surprisingly presentable. I think that’s the limit for now. Fred’s beard is doing well, keeping him nice and warm so its staying put until we find some sunshine and heat.

Next stop, Bobbin Head to pick up our new awning then north to Newcastle.

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3 Responses to Scrabble and Scrambles

  1. Les Justes says:

    Salut vieux pirates ! A vous lire, ça donne la chair de poule ! Gros bisous à vous, Bon vent et à bientôt ! Bisous à Mary et son nouveau bébé 😉

  2. Tanya says:

    Kath ….dont forget to the great ‘sheet debate’. you must let us know how you go with that. Well done on leaving …we miss you already. xx

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