Goodbye Sydney

Saturday 23rd April: 8am

Goodbye Cammeray Marina. Goodbye Sydney

Weather forecast. Few showers
Actual Weather: One shower, all day torrential

Wind: South West 15kn, Swell 1.5 Metres

Conditions in Cockpit: Soggy and slightly seasick, but ecstatic

2.30pm: Arrive in America Bay in Pittwater
2.45pm: Open Champagne

Amazingly, we were ready. At 8am we untied the lines, bid farewell to Cammeray Marina, our home for the last year, and motored out through the Spit Bridge. Mary Blair had finally moved more than 20 metres!

So, now we are cruisers, as evidenced by Fred’s impressive beard. But, for this first journey we ventured only as far as our old stomping ground of Pittwater, where Mary Blair was moored before we took her down to Sydney for all the work. 16miles from head to head, but still… we’ve started. The torrential rain gave the sails a good wash and the rolly swell tested out the new hydrovane, which magically keeps us on course using only the wind. A welcome relief for Katherine who had forgotten how to steer the boat, or how to sail in general.. plenty of opportunity ahead to relearn!

We rounded Barrenjoey head and made for America Bay, to join the hundreds of other boats all enjoying the rainy Easter weather, including our friends from Cammeray on Fine Gold, Tin Tin, Kitani and Totem. Thanks to Kathy and Peter on Kitani for hosting dinner for everyone,. and for all the Baileys!

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