3 days at sea

Attempting to get into bed while at sea can be a dangerous business. I’m sporting an attractive bruise to the forehead, while Fred’s knee is an interesting shade of purple.

We’ve had fairly calm weather so its not too rolly, but it takes a while to get the sea legs going. Plan was to do one overnight sail on saturday from Newcastle and arrive in Coffs Harbour for lunch. 3 days later we made it to Iluka. The strong current, dying wind and Mary’s elderly engine slowed us down to a dawdly 4knot average.

first night watch fell to me. We do 3 hours each over night, so we shared a beer at sunset and as night fell I was alone on deck.

First hour was daunting, praying the wind wouldn’t change so i didn’t have touch the sails, convinced every light was a supertanker heading straight for us. but eventually the rhythm of the waves and absence of disaster calmed me down. The autopilot (a wind driven hydrovane) was doing all the steering and we heading for a GPS destination so there was little to do but sit back and, well…. watch. So long as conditions stay calm, the wind steady and no boats get in the way night at sea is beautifully serene.

we made it through night without sinking, and just after dawn we treated to the good morning show with the dolphins. A group joined the boat and their show off youngster led the way leaping out of the water just in front of the bow. They helped

and on monday, just as we ran out of sandwiches, we anchored in the harbour at Iluka. exhausted but happy, and well glad of a beer.

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Location:Pilot St,Yamba,Australia

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