Clarence river

After a night a Iluka harbour we chugged our way up the Clarence River and spent a peaceful week anchoring at the country towns along the way.

The highlight was the Maclean, where the main mode of transport is the mobility scooter. Its a small town thats immensely proud of its Scottish heritage, all the lampposts are painted with the local families’ tartan. No Blair to be found.

we were just in time for the country fair. It had everything, chook judging, duck racing, a dog show and the lovely girls contest and prize bull… Unfortunately awarded together. No black pudding, very disappointing.

I had been getting a bit restless and thought a good plan would be to run along the banks of the river and meet the boat at the next, but the local farmer weren’t Too encouraging. Might have been good for speed training though.

We did manage to stop all traffic on the Pacific Highway, when the Harwood Bridge was raised especially for us.

Right now we’re all stocked up with sandwiches, back out at sea and heading for Brisbane.

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Location:Woody Head Rd,Woody Head,Australia

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4 Responses to Clarence river

  1. Johny says:

    Scotland without the weather – i’m in! Bit of a commute I suppose.

    It all sounds fantastic. Can’t decide whether i’m motivated to work rally hard or rob a bank……..

  2. Emma says:

    Hey guys, loving the update and photos of your adventures… lovely girls, prize bulls and farmers with guns… hilarious 😀
    Gros Bisous

  3. chris says:

    Hey there.

    Us landlubbers are seeing how y’are!

    We’ve been following your updates and have been thoroughly enjoying reading them! But haven’t heard from you for 3 whole weeks! How and where have you been, which movie are you up to, etc??

    We would like to know your whereabouts for mid to late August…. appreciate it’s a little difficult to know but just a guesstimate… we’d LOVE to come and meet you on the jetty for a nice island getaway. It’s bloody freezing in Sydney, and we are as keen as mustard to get out of here!

    Hope you’re both having an amazing adventure.

    Love ,

    Anna & Chris
    x x

    • svmaryblair says:

      Hello my dears!

      Sorry we’ve been a bit incommunicado… Just been waiting for the wind and not up to too much excitment. Well I havw been txting someone called Anna… But turns out it was a totally different anna. Who i’ve never met. Oops

      Just headingout from moreton bay on our way to new caledonia.. Woo hoo! Finally grtting going Definately come visit. Reckon we’ll be in new cal for july and augus,t. Up towards to north by august.. Then after that in vanuatu

      Shouod get to nc in abou 8-10 days… Be in touch then


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