Looking for Dugong… and waiting for wind

Technically we could have left for New Caledonia about 2 weeks ago. The boat registration finally came through and Mary Blair is free to sail into International waters, proudly flying the Australian flag (which makes me feel a bit of a traitor). But, the wind was blowing the wrong way, so we’ve been pottering about seeing a bit more of Queensland and a lot more marinas then ever intended.

We had a great week up in Mooloolaba… More Mobility scooters, more marinas, some stoned dogs and happily lots of launderettes.

Got to see Australia zoo.. Crikey! And had our first official visitor on the boat.

We spent a couple of days at anchor off stradbrook island so we could feel a little more like real cruisers (it feels like we’re pretending when we’re at a marina).

In the whole 4 years in Australia I’ve never once seen a sign warning for sharks… Until yesterday, when we spotted this in Amity…. And decided it was too chilly for a swim,

Main road.. moreton island. My favourite place so far, all the roads are made of sand and everything is powered by solar.

Its been a lovely 6 weeks since we left, exploring the coast and slowing down.. But a bit of a waiting game as well… And feels a little like we haven’t really started the adventure yet. Also we keep finding new things thst we urgently need to buy. So if we don’t head soon we’ll run through the entire cruising budget.

But finally, the weather is behaving..and tomorrow morning its goodbye Australia. The boat is all tucked in and ready to go, the sandwiches packed, the seasick pills laid out and The last supper of pies was quite delicious.

Hopefully a week or so at sea might reduce down those extra relaxing kilos so i can fit into some lovely french clothes in New Cal.

The wind forecast is perfect for the entire journey, so we should have a great sail ahead of us. Off now to enjoy our last full night of sleep.

Bye for now Australia and thanks so much to all our friends here. wez’ll see you soon.


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2 Responses to Looking for Dugong… and waiting for wind

  1. Nico says:


    Congrats guys finally off! We wish you the best winds in your cross towards new caledonia! We are really much missing you here and we do envy you at the same time ))
    I hope that you will be tough with yourselves and update the blog more often once the REAL adventure kicks in, I mean 2 times in 6 weeks…come one ))
    Anyhow enjoy the first real crossing and let us know when you get on the other side!
    Who knows there might be one more element to the Simian’s family by then.

    Allez bon vent!
    La biz


  2. Tim Nelson says:

    Good luck guys. Hope you’re having good weather so far. Looking forward to the next update from NC. Sydney is cold and wet – not missing a thing! We’re off to NZ for some skiing in early July but apart from that – all is the same. Good luck. And lots of love. Maja & Tim.

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