Vif et Peureux

Now that we’ve left behind the city, the marinas and the luxury of taps, we have to be a lot more careful in our water usage. We carry about 600 litres or so in tanks, but it will probably be a while before they can be easily filled up again. So it’s washing up with salt water, and showers are a quick dive off the boat with the briefest of rinses when back on board.

But not today. There’s shark under the boat.


He’s been swimming back and forth below the swim ladder all morning and shows no signs of leaving. He’s not a big shark, just a metre or so long.. I can clearly identify him as a black tip, which the guide describes a ‘vif et peureux’ so there’s likely nothing to be scared of. I’m sure eventually i’ll become quite blase about them… “oh, you know, great whites are really quite friendly once you relax and show them you’re not afraid”. That sort of thing.

But for now I retain a healthy fear, and won’t be diving anywhere. So he can stay down there and I shall wantonly waste water and have a proper shower on board.

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One Response to Vif et Peureux

  1. Michael says:

    Oh dear! Even Kate swam/snorkelled with black tips…you could take him up as a pet as well 😉

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