Ilot Casy is the perfect place to disappear for few days. Surrounded by patches of reef and clear turquoise waters, a steep peak and lush green growth. The prettiest anchorage so far. We were trampling our way along the overgrown track in search of bread and wifi at the hotel on the other side when we met Robinson. Big, black and at first a little fierce he soon bounded over all wags and slobber. We guessed he must belong to the hotel as he clearly knew the island well and led the way along path.

But when we reached the wharf, the hotel ferry was beached, rotting in the sand, the pool was empty and streaked with moss, draping spider webs covered the pretty pink bungalows and the lush green growth was taking over. No-one had stayed here for a long time. No bread for us then… Again.

It was a bit creepy really, and a relief to get away from the eerie atmosphere and back out to the beach.

We wandered round the rest of the island, and unsuccessully tried to fell some green coconuts. Robinson showed an undoglike appetite for crabs.. Digging them up from the sand and expertly munching off the claws. When got back to where we were moored and more importantly, the hammocks, we hadn’t encountered another soul. The island was definately uninhabited and we were the only visitors.

Tough day at the office

So where had he come from? I fretted that he’d been left behind by some day trippers. Or jumped from a passing yacht and swum ashore. He didn’t seem too hungry, so couldn’t have been there for too long on his own. He didn’t seem too bothered by his predicament, and took up residence under Fred’s hammock. Not budging even when we went to the boat for the night. A quick phone call next morning to the local ferry company solved the mystery. “Woof” has lived there for years… passing fishermen and visiting boats feed him whenever they pass by, and otherwise he survives quite well. Phew, much as i was fond of him.. I wasn’t sure how he’d have adjusted to life on board.

Cracked it at last

Robinson the Island dog, alone but content

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4 Responses to Robinson

  1. CNC says:

    Have you got a job with Lonely Planet – you are starting to write travel guides very well, I see. Haha.

  2. I love reading your trip news honey!! You shouldve taken the doggie with you!! 🙂

    sounds and looks fab!!!


  3. Hello!

    Finally managed to get hold of the link to access your blog.

    Apollo told me that you shouldn’t mess around with ‘Woof’ the dog.. he knows him well and he is actually the owner of the island! Woof used to live in Sydney until the owner, an old lady full of money died, and Woof decided that he had enough of the traffic in Sydney and brought his own island, where he moved soon after.
    Apollo said also to say ‘bau’ (which means ‘hello’ in dog language) and that he might catch up with him next time that his mom&dad (us) leave him at home again for three weeks! 🙂

    PS Looks like ‘Woof’ is vegetarian so don’t give him meat..

  4. stef oliv says:

    hello fred et cat, ça boom c’est incroyable ce que vous avez trouvĂ© sous votre bateau, les animaux que vous avez croisĂ© sont Ă©tonnants, j’aimerai bien faire une ballade sur ton bateau… bisous et j’espère vous revoir bientĂ´t,

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