We took our time getting to l’Ile de Pins, and stopped at a few of the little Ilots along the way. All were little more than a sandy beach and a scrap of bush. But we’d some of the best snorkling, with exceptionally colourful healthy coral, like perfectly manicured underwater garden. A tantalisingly tasty looking fish hung out with us for a couple of days to keep the Remoras company. Lucky for him our fishing skills are still pathetic, haven’t caught a single thing yet. 2 Remoras joined us at the first Ilot and have been with us ever since… And each stop we make another joins the entourage. They hang out under the boat and dart up for scraps, then hitch a ride to the next anchorage, using the sucker on the top of their head to attach themselves to the hull. Their usual mode of transport is a turtle or a shark, and many fishermen believe their presence indicates a large shark nearby. Hopefully not. According to our fishing guide, Aborigine fishermen used the Remoras in an inventive ploy. They would attach a cord around the fishes tail and stick them onto their canoe, and paddle quietly out to a turtle resting on the surface, as soon as they were near the Remora was detached to swim innocently owards the prey, and get sucking. The fishermen then reeled in their prize. Poor turtle.

On ilot ngo we had a very snakey scramble up to the top of the island… Tricot Rayes resting on every Rock. These marine snakes spend most of their time in the water (a scary sight when diving), but come onshore to sleep and shed skin. They are particulary poisonous..but have too small a mouth to effectively bite us. Phew.

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Location:On the way to isle de pins

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One Response to Slow

  1. Christelle Jaunault says:

    Je n’ai pas beaucoup eu le temps de venir vous rendre visite mais je suis contente de lire que tout se passe bien!! Take care! Love! Chris

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