Au revoir

We were getting very settled in Noumea. Anchored just a short dinghy ride from the centre, fresh baguettes, luscious cheese, happy hour at Au Bout Du Monde, and great friends on shore, we could almost live here. But there’s an ocean of islands awaiting us and a waistline thats expanded just a little too much. Its time to move on.

We owed a farewell to Robinson, so we stopped by at Ilot Casy for one last visit. It was school holidays and whale watching season, and our deserted secret island was overrun with campers, walkers and the day tripping catameran passengers. A completely different atmosphere, and someone was camping in our favourite hammock hanging spot.

Still.. At least Robinson would be glad to see us, we brought him a bone all way from Noumea. I kayaked around the island to find him. A little overdramatically scared that sharks would smell the meat, capsize the boat and devour both me and the bone. I survived and found him on the dock cavorting with some children. He ignored me. Ungrateful mutt.

The visit was redeemed by a family of visiting pirates, who boarded the boat and turned out to be great company.

They even accompanied us whale watching, and must have been a lucky charm as the whales put on a fabulous show.

So its goodbye to Nouvelle Caledonie. Its been a great first stop and lovely introduction to the cruising life. Onwards North to Vanuatu.

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