There are definitely fish in the sea. We’ve seen them. We’ve seen people catch them. A lot of them. So many they have to give them away.

But no matter what we try, the only catch we’ve made is an unfortunate flying fish with a bad sense of direction who died of exposure on the deck.

Squid rigs, rappellers, even old fashioned frayed rope… We’ve heard all the advice and tried everything. But still the sashimi set lies unused.

There is a story that the ashes of a previous owner are hidden somewhere onboard the boat. In all the renovations we’ve made, we’ve not yet uncovered them. But the story persists, and there’s a fair few hiding places. There’s always a cheery atmosphere on board and I like to think he was a happy man.

But perhaps he didn’t care for fish.

Donated fish

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Location:The pacific ocean

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2 Responses to Cursed

  1. Michael says:

    Happy Birthday Kat darling… hope you are having a wonderful birthday whereever in the world you are! Hopefully you are not somewhere so remote that you have run out of champers 🙂 we miss you, stay safe love Kate & Michael xxx

  2. Stef says:

    et la pêche à la turlutte, t’as essayé mon Fred ??????? Tu ne vas pas nous faire croire que c’est le fantome de l’ancien proprio qui vous porte la pouasse, belle excuse , allez courage, la prochaine fois, je veux une pêche miraculeuse !!!!!
    Happy Birthday Kate, je crois que c’est bientôt vu ce que m’a dit Emmanuelle… Bizzzzzzzzz de Stef et de sa tribue

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