So it seems, the fishing curse has been lifted. However, we now suffer from a new affliction. We can only catch fish beginning with ‘B’. 4 Barracuda, we even ate the first one, so overjoyed to finally catch something. 1 Bonito, which made it to fillet stage, but were too seasick to eat, so that went over the side too and finally 1 Bigshark, which was terrifying and too big and toothy to bring on board, so he writhed around behind, throwing us off course until he finally freed himself.

Finally a fish!

Finally a fish!

Beautiful Bonito!


This tally has cost an estimated $100 in lost gear, thats a very expensive fish lunch.

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Location:Pacific Ocean, Somewhere near the equator

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One Response to B

  1. Christelle Jaunault says:

    Hey, It’s great to hear from you and to read about you! You both look terrific and I like your new dress Katerine, definitly!! Take care and enjoy! Kisses and love. Chris

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