Yesterday a piece of polystyrene floated by, with 2 castaway crabs onboard.  I still feel terrible we didn’t manage to rescue them.   How long had they been bobbing on their flotsam craft? Will their ocean going adventure end happily, or in some crab cannibalism?   I’m hoping for a joyful miracle where they wash up on a litter strewn beach..

Our own resident crab hasn’t been spotted for a while.  He first appeared on that awful crossing from the Solomon Islands, scuttling his way across the cockpit and down one of the scuppers where I assume he lives a damp and unpredictable life.  He reappears every so often, each time a little larger than before.  I wonder what else makes up the eco system down there that’s keeping him alive.   These uninvited pets and the persistent grass growing ever more rapidly on the water line make it clear that we’re becoming overdue for a haul out and scrub.  We won’t manage that until we make it to Borneo, and have just now begun the long trek South from Luzon.

We’ll spend some time in Palawan in the southern Philippines on the way, which promises island hideaways and great snorkelling and need to make it to Borneo in early may in time for my flight home.

It seems we’ve been constantly on the move for the last month or so.    With all the fish traps and unlit fishing boats, it’s not safe to sail at night.  Add to that a strong headwind and its been some slow progress.  The logbook is filled with overnight stops and the comment ‘did not go ashore’.  Its making us all the more impatient to get to Palawan where we can stop for a little while

The two main stops we did manage over the last while were lovely.  A brief break in the rain in Donsol meant we could head out to snorkel with the whale sharks and spend some time with friends from home.  Julian and Sandra were on a speedy tour of the Philippines, packing almost as much into a week as we’d managed in a month.  We almost missed each other due to the weather, but happily got to spend a morning together chasing some poor whale shark around the bay.

Romblon has also been one of the favourites.  A small marble producing island in the central Philippines and a welcoming place for a boat.  It’s probably the nicest town we’ve visited with some lovely bars and cafes for people watching.  I managed my first run in months here, much to the amusement of everyone I encountered.  Being a large white woman attracts enough attention, add to that a sweaty red face and thunder down the road and they  may never stop laughing.  Still.. I’ve got some wedding dresses to try on.. so drastic action is required.. I suppose I could always go on a diet!


The best breakfast in town


Beautiful Romblon


Whale Hunting

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