The Boat

Mary Blair is a beautiful 42ft Warwick Hood sloop, and was built in Adelaide in 1970.  She was originally designed as a racing yacht and went on to win the inaugural Melbourne to Hobart race two years later.

Its proved difficult to track down information on that race, but she is mentioned in these articles. If anyone has any further information we’d love to hear from you.

The name Mary Blair finds its roots in back in London in the 1800s. As the story goes, she was named after a barque which sailed between Australia, Japan and Papua New Guinea around 1860 to 1880 and the original owners Grandfather sailed upon that Mary Blair. That ship in turn was named after a barge on the river Thames in London, and that barge was named after young prostitute by the name of Mary Blair. Stories that she was one Jack the Ripper’s victims have alas proved unfounded.

5 Responses to The Boat

  1. Michael says:

    Where is the tab for ‘The Crew’??

  2. Hugo says:

    Hello Fred !!!

    C’est donc bel et bien parti votre “petite ballade”. Amusez-vous bien, vous nous faites rever avec vos photo.
    Ici en Espagne, on se bat contre la crise economique. Pour l’instant nous tenons le cap.
    En attendant ici, c’est le printemps et l’eau de la mediterrannee est plus chaude que celle de Sydney.

    I’ll keep posted et suivrai avec interet vos aventures.



  3. Keith Cairns says:

    Hi! Katherine! Our favourite baby sitter!! Hope the trip is going well for you guys!! Sunny day in Dublin Golf in castle later this afternoon!! I got your website from your Mum. Love from The cairns at No. 6!!

  4. lealie says:

    Les Joel
    I sailed on this yacht from new we did sydney to hobarts and ocean races off port phillip bay the owner peter riddle was a character he was known as the trick as you did not know what or where he would turn up next he raced the boat for a few years then sold to fred short who raced it with ihs family then moved to sydney where they ran a great marine biz then sold to shirly strachun singer/band member of skyhooks
    great boat lots of memories

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