The Grand Plan

A very rough guide to the destinations we plan to visit. Definately not intended to be a detailed plan for the sailing route. We’re also a little undecided on the route to take from Mauritius.. who knows where we’ll end up!

If you click on the destination markers there should be a little information about each place… or click the link to ‘View Larger Map’ to see more detail.

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12 Responses to The Grand Plan

  1. Michael says:

    Toooo many places to choose from to meet you….

  2. dara clarke says:

    What a trip. A lifetime adventure. Envious and nervous for you both, just like and dad!

  3. Debs says:

    Jealous!!! Looks wonderful – so many amazing places!

  4. Greg Halliday says:

    Looks like an awsum trip. Hope you’re planning to stay away from the Somali Pirates!

  5. Tim Nelson says:

    Hey guys,

    Great to see you yesterday. We’ll keep following your progress on this blog. Hopefully catchup with you somewhere along the way! Cheers

  6. Tim Nelson says:


    Great to see you yesterday. We’ll keep following your progress on this blog! And hopefully we’ll catch-up with you on your adventures somewhere along the way.
    Tim & Maja.

  7. Ali Tweedale says:

    Hi Kat!!!
    Finally your blog details and as I refuse to join facebook (even for you) I can now at least see what you are up to. Very jealous of you heading off and I hope the weather is being a bit kinder.

    Take care,
    love Ali xxx

  8. Jamie Clarke says:

    Will try and come see you at some point next year, love the blog, kats you should have been a writer 🙂

    Take care, Jamie

  9. ewen says:

    What you are doing is purely incredible! We are all jealous! Enjoy, lucky you!!!

  10. Maureen Clarke says:

    So enjoying reading your blog but at the same time worrying as mums do, at least I hear about those dare devil deeds after they have happened and you are safe, like the bungy jumping in South Africa! My thoughts and love are with you both every day. Wishing you calm seas, safe voyages, soft landings and happiness together always, M x Oct 13th 2011

  11. Titi says:

    Salut les aventuriers !!!
    Nous sommes toujours impatients de lire vos aventures,ici la vie semble si paisible…
    Vos mines sont superbes.
    Cela fait si longtemps que nous nous sommes vus. Ici tout va très bien, Faustine sera bientôt un bon mousse pour le Mary Blair.
    Nous pensons très fort à vous.
    Tu sais Fred, je pense souvent Ă  cette fameuse phrase : ” obstacles are what you see when you take your mind of the goal…”

    vives embrassades Ă  tous les deux.

    Titi,Laeti,Faustine et Cherlock

  12. Tom Bradley says:

    Hi guys. I was the helicopter pilot that disturbed your peaceful cruising on the way to Vanuatu. Hope you had a good passage, and sorry I couldn’t replenish your depleted supply of carrots. Happy sailing!

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